Sunday, December 29, 2013

~Remember Love


5 Stars

They say you can never go home again. Brenna James is about to finish her final year of college when a visit home could change everything. Fate was pushing her towards her childhood best friend, Tucker, leaving Brenna no other option than to remember memories from a time once forgotten. 

Can Tucker slip himself into her heart? 

Will he be able to show her his feelings? 

The biggest question is, can Tucker help Brenna remember love?

The book has sexual situations and language intended for ages 18 & up.


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When I began this book I immediately fell in love with Brenna and Tucker. Throughout the ENTIRE book , I absolutely routed for them. From the beginning they had feelings for one another, it almost seemed as though it was fate that brought them together at such a young age. Unfortunately for them there were MANY factors that kept them apart..... Eventually they were separated, feelings were hurt, lives moved on, but Tucker NEVER stopped loving Brenna and she really never stopped loving him....but is love enough to get past their past??
Remember Love is one of those feel good make you wish you had one of those once in a life relationships in your own past, present and future!!!! I hope to see more from these two, and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see how Lexi and Spencer's relationship works out as well!!
About the Author
Riley Rhea is your typical country girl, born and raised in the Bluegrass. In the last 30 something years, she has successfully brought into this world 3 children, which may or not be claimed by her, depending on their behavior.
Riley enjoys reading, spending time on the farm and quiet afternoons when those who call her mom leave the house. Riley also loves country music and drools over Luke Bryan. Riley’s biggest fears are crickets and banks.
Not just an avid reader, Riley is an active blogger and reviews many books during the span of a week when she isn’t writing about her loveable and sexy country boys.
She’s always had a background in writing, her mother being an author, and one day, out of the blue, 2 characters popped into her head and wouldn’t shut up. After some advice from a good friend, Remember Love was born.
Thank you all for taking time to get to know Riley a little better. You can always find her on Facebook if y’all want to chat a little more.

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