Tuesday, March 4, 2014

~Therapy Review




I’m needy.

I’m broken.

Cutting breaks through my numbness, but only opens more wounds.

Depression, self-harm, bullying....that's my reality.

Sex and guys....that's my escape.

The space between the truth and lies is blurred leaving me torn, lost and confused. And while the monsters that live in my head try to beat me-- the two men that I love try to save me.

This is my story of friendship, heartache, and the grueling journey that is mental-illness.

Sometimes you have to get lost in order to be found…



I want to start out by saying that this book touched me so deeply that I can’t even describe it…. For me no rating could ever compensate for how profound and life changing this book is...But with that said this this book is about bullying, self-destruction, depression, suicide, love, heartache, and healing....

 High School sucks for a lot of people, especially if you’re not with the "IN" crowd... Jess isn't….her only saving grace is Jace, he happens to be the only person at school that seems to understand that Jess needs someone to care. These two made me want to pull my hair out… but you will have to read about that relationship

Therapy takes you on a journey that you will NOT forget, Author Kathryn Perez gives us a look at the world of mental illness, by showing us the daily struggles that someone with mental illness goes through, but even with those struggles with the right help there is light at the end of the tunnel….

I whole heartedly suggest that you add this book to your TBR, I can’t express how emotionally involved with this book I became…. make sure you have your box of tissues ready

About the Author:

Kathryn lives in her small East Texas hometown with her husband and two children. She is a music infused writer and self-proclaimed book junkie. When she isn't listening to music, writing or reading you will probably find her watching her favorite sport, UFC.


Kathryn is also an anti-bullying advocate and avid supporter of mental-illness and suicide awareness.

Kathryn’s Favorite Things:

* Watching UFC!!!

* Colleen Hoover books

* Acoustic guitar music

* Coffee, lots of coffee
* Quotable quotes
* Eminem
* Mumford and Sons make me happy
* Reading books that make me cry

* Crazy  or funnty t-shirts
* Sleeping in and staying up late

Favorite Quote at the moment: "Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams."

Favorite Athlete: Tito Ortiz


Favorite Singer: Pink

Favorite Band: Mumford and Sons

Favorite Song: Fucking Perfect by Pink

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite Food: Japanese

Favorite Drink: COFFEE

Favorite Candy: Choco covered raisins


Motto in Life: Be Yourself, Live with No Regrets & Never Let Anyone Break You


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