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In Spades K. Pinson


In Spades (Mirrored #1)
4.5 Star Rating

Avalynn has been running from her past for a couple of years now....never very far but always extremely fast. With an alcoholic father, a void of a mother and a town full of gossip, she struggles to find her place in the world. The only thing that saved her on her path of self-destruction is her beautiful little sister, her miracle. Desperately trying to save Abby from a life that Avalynn has been trying so hard to escape from, she plots to take Abby away. The plan going dangerously astray leaves Avalynn beaten and broken in what once was the hallway mirror in her childhood home. Avalynn finally comes to in the hospital after nearly being beaten to death. Father-Dead, Mother-Missing, Abby-In foster care--Everything changing in the blink of an eye.

Avalynn immediately sets to work to get her life in order, receive custody of precious Abby and focusing every ounce of attention, giving Abby the life she deserves. Avalynn, now a 22 year old Elementary School Teacher and New Mommy, struggles to raise a beautiful and feisty five year old whom was just diagnosed with Mild Autism Disorder. Lots of challenges for her to face in the midst. Avalynn is ready to go at them all head on if it means Abby is raised in a happy and healthy home. Abby is the only thing she cares about...not even caring about herself or her life...that is...until she meets him. The man that can shatter her entire world with one glance. Their relationship a roller coaster ride from start to finish. One that Avalynn never wants to get off of...but she may not have a choice. Her happily ever after coming to a screeching halt yet again. Heartbreak, love, loss and hope--This story has it all, In Spades.



Avalynn is a 22 year old school teacher with a very broken abusive past, the only thing that keeps her day to day life normal is Abby her little sister whom which she fought very hard to gain custody of after her father died and mother disappeared and assumed dead. Life had seemed to settle down for these two and they were settled into a good routine together. Ava holds down two jobs to keep things moving smoothly for her and Abby.  By day she is a school teacher and by night she is a bartender. Ava has very few people that she can call her friend but while she is bartending she begins to talk to Daxton the Lead singer of a local band that plays at the bar a lot.

Finally He whispered “You’re not broken baby. You are only missing one Piece. Like a jigsaw puzzle that looks like nothing but a bunch of colors and lines and makes absolutely no sense until the final piece is placed.” (Daxton)

Ava and Dax actually begin their relationship with a drunken mistake, the problem is Ava tries to forget it and forget about him but somehow Dax keeps showing up in her life unexpectedly. Daxton knows from the very beginning that he wants and needs Ava and Abby in his life, and I think that Ava knows the same about Daxton as well. They both have their own set of issues to deal with from their pasts and it seems that once they both make the commitment to one another their pasts come crashing down around them.

I love you so fuckin’ much already it’s hard to breathe. It feels like my heart is trying to escape from my chest and take residence in the palm of your hands. I want to wrap you in my arms and protect you from all the things you’ve ever had to face.” (Daxton)

“I……I love you too Dax….. I’ve known for a while but I couldn’t bring myself to admit it…to not only you but to the parts inside of me waging war on myself for finally being happy.” (Ava)

I thought this book was well written and had a really great story line, I will tell you this……if you can’t handle a cliffhanger for an ending I would wait for the next book to come out…….I hope that Author K. Pinson has already begun the next book because I need to know how it turns out for these three and fast. Honestly the book really does have it all.

About the Author
Image of K. Pinson
I am 22 years young.
I love to read, write and sing.
I am an assistant manager for an assisted living program. I have high hopes to get my degree in Music Therapy as I enjoy helping people.
I have a crazy cockapoo dog that I consider my bratty child. I'm from MI born and raised, never really traveled anywhere else but would love to someday.

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