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Faith Blog Tour

Faith Synopsis:
Mags is a single mother, running her own business trying to make ends meet. Drake is an A&R guy for a local indie record company who has been working nonstop for a year. When both finally take a vacation with family and friends, they are forced to finally admit, at least to themselves, that they have feelings for each other.
When they go home, they find it even more difficult to put the past in the past and maintain a relationship strong enough to face the challenges ahead. Follow along as they try to make a relationship work while fighting demons of their own, through circumstances not of their making, and with family and friends trying to help.

Faith gets 5 Big Lip smacking stars!!!

Amber's Review:
I read My Misery Muse and went straight to reading Faith I read them both in Two days and could not put them down. I loved this story. I loved Drake he was loving, caring and Hot as hell!! Mags I wanted to smack around and be like Bitch please do you see what this man is trying to do. Devi was funny in this book and up to her crazy antics. I loved the part in the book when they peek in the room and see Jak's talking to his baby sister “Shhh, it's okay Cait, Daddy will be back. I am going to take care of you, just like Uncle Drake takes care of Mommy. Shhh honey, you don't need to cry,"Jaks whispered.” 
Overall this book made me happy in the pants and I am hoping there will be another one!!


Faith gets 5 lips from me! Why? Well here's the deal, I love that Drake is such a family man. Drake actually feels normal to me. He's hot, tattooed, huge heart. What more couuld you ask for, Right? Well how about mind blowing sex? I'll take mind blowing sex! I love how the relationship between Drake and Mags builds. It's not rushed at all and it felt natural even though I was screaming at my kindle a few times to try and knock some sense into Mags. Let me explain to you how I felt about Mags. I really wanted to bitch slap her. I love her. I think her character is fantastic but damn it! Stop fucking running! I get it she was scared. She doesn't want to turn out like her mother and she felt broken inside but Sonofabitch! LOOK and SEE what life is offering you! So my overall thoughts on this book are that A.) It's panty melting happiness. B.) It's Swoony without making you want to puke in your mouth from it being too much. C.) I MAY or MAY NOT have cried at one point in this book. Okay I TOTALLY fucking cried. I didn't know where the hell Brei was taking me with this book but I was totally blind sided by the tears. I felt like I was hit with a Mack truck. So my suggestions to all of you people that are reading this is to go read this series. NOW. DO IT!

Author Interview : With Brei Betzold

1. What is your favorite Genre to write? Hmm, I don’t think I have one, as long as it includes gratuitous sex scenes I’m happy.
2. Do you listen to music while you write? and if so what kind? Yes I listen to music while I write, and it depends on the book, with Faith I listened to a lot of hard rock.
3.What are your favorite type of Characters to write about? Strong females with a robust helping of sarcasm
4.Where is your favorite place to sit down and write? In my bed, I like to be able to stretch out and get comfy.
5. Where is your Favorite place to go on Vacation? What’s a vacation?
6.When Characters start talking do you jot down notes for new book ideas? Yes, I have a file on my laptop as well as a notebook that I use for book ideas.
7.Favorite Band? Today it’s Evans Blue
8. I have to ask who is your favorite book Boyfriend? Trey from Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright
9. Have you started writing any new books? Yes, I am currently working on a novella for the MMM series called Tribal, and I also recently started another project called No Trespassing, I’m also releasing a book in June called Painted Lines that’s with the editor right now.
10. What inspired you to write your First Two books? The first one was my son, I wanted him to not be able to ask me why I didn’t follow my dreams while I encourage him to follow his own. The second one was the fans of My Misery Muse, they were amazing and they all wanted to know what happened next so I wrote Faith, and I plan to continue until all the boy’s of My Misery Muse get to tell their stories.

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