Thursday, September 19, 2013

Loosing Virginity

Loosing Virginity

     Olivia Spurgeon has been a good girl her entire life. Her friends have called her Spurgeon the Virgin since 9th grade. Why? Because everyone in her group of friends had already lost there virginity by then. Over the past four years it has been like a foreign object attached to her and even named it something simple. 


Now, she's a freshman in college and still hasn't done the deed. All three of her roommates do not have Virginity attached to them and they aren't scared to show it off. Olivia is jealous. She wants what they are having, feeling. One day she finally decides that she doesn't want Virginity attached to her anymore and begins the journey of shedding it.

Excerpt 1: I set my cup to the side and leaned in to him. I gently kissed his lips that were sweet from the wine. My mind had shut off. There were no tumultuous thoughts or conflicting emotions like there had been last night. I was completely in the moment with him… Alone with him. 
I gently pulled back from him and looked seriously into his eyes. I studied his face, and his hair, touching them gently as if they were made of porcelain. I leaned back in to kiss his neck and breathe no words but just my desire into his ear. His arms tightened around my waist and he pulled his breath in quickly as he pulled me on top of him. I was nervous. My body seemed to know what it wanted. My hands grasped his hair as our lips met. I felt myself pull closer and closer to him, my hips grinding gently against his.  In one motion I sat up, still straddling him and pulled the top of my dress down to expose my breasts. I didn't feel self-conscious or awkward. I felt excited and confident and I wanted him to feel that way too. He unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his perfectly defined chest. I leaned back down and felt all the blood in my body race as the warmth of our bodies connected. 
As we kissed, I reached down and, a little clumsily, unbuttoned his pants and gently pulled the zipper down. This was it. I was ready. I wanted to lose my virginity here, with this man, right now. It wasn't the alcohol. It was him, Ryder Dawson. He was the man worthy enough. 
"Are you sure?" he asked.

About the author:

I'm an LA girl who lives in San Francisco. I'm currently working a 9 to 5 oh but decided to write my own book in January 2013 instead of watching television. My new years resolution. I'm glad that I've finally ready to release it after 8 months of working on it!

  I give Loosing Virginity 4 stars this book was very well written and the story line was good. I thought it could of maybe added a bit more excitement but none the less it was a good story. It's about a college student who has 3 other roommates that are all sexually active mainly her best friends and bedroom mate who has no shame in having sex while Olivia is in the bedroom. What college student does right. Loosing Virginity follows Olivia's story on how she becomes so frustrated with still having her virginity but at the same time wants to loose it with someone she trusts and loves. Her best friend get's the bright idea to start a dating website to help her find "the one". This story goes on to tell all the experiences she had with trying to find "the one". Olivia meets many people but when she encounters Big Stick and the revelation of who he actually is the chemistry is undeniable. Will she finally loose it or guard her heart from the drama that unfolds in her guarded life? Please read this lovely story and have laughs, cry's, and enjoyment. 

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