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BJ Harvey's LOST IN DISTRACTION Interview Review & Giveaway

Lost in Distraction (Lost #1) by B.J. Harvey

In the three years after a horrible crime claimed her family, Elise Halliwell has been alone, shut off from the world in a self-imposed emotional exile. She goes through the motions, finishes high school and moves across country to start college and begin the next step in her pre-destined life.

But her exile is dramatically cut short by the entrance of a dark haired, blue-eyed, smirking man who shakes her to the core, achieving what everyone else before him has failed to do, he makes her feel again.

As much as he wishes it were different, fate has not brought Braxton James into Elise’s life, or has it. Brax has to keep her safe from people in her life who have ulterior motives and may want to hurt her.

Elise has no idea the threat she faces, and Brax wants to make sure it stays that way. But as Brax struggles with getting close to her, he begins to live a lie. Unable to resist the pull that is Elise’s bright green eyes, infectious giggle, and loving heart, he finds it impossible to stay away, so the double life of being Elise’s boyfriend and keeping her safe begins.

Full of twists and turns, danger and revelations that no-one could predict, you won’t be the only one lost in distraction.

Author Profile:
Having always loved reading, and having been befriended and inspired by some awesome self published authors and book lovers alike, I decided to start writing my first novel, Lost in Distraction in December 2012. It was a conscious decision that started with a song, then the prologue and then catapulted from there. I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn't music playing, something is wrong. Out and Proud Vampire Diaries fan as well.
I'm also a wife, mother, full-time university student and I do contract work for myself from home.

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INTERVIEW With Brax and Shay:

Chrissy and I got the chance to sit down with two of the sexiest men we know. We met Brax and Shay at STAGES BAR and had a blast. After getting seated close to the bar, we ordered drinks and got right down to business.

                   this is an <R> rated interview

Wendy: Have you guys ever had or considered having a threesome? and just know that the only reason we ask is because you're so close but both seem confident in your sexuality.

Shay:  Well there was this one time, in the Army, when....

Brax: Shay, shut up! No we've never had a threesome but it has been suggested before.

Chrissy: *giggling*

Wendy: I'm totally suggesting that threesome guys *winks*

Chrissy: what is your fav sex position?

Shay: Any position which involves me getting laid and sleeping with a beautiful woman, how about you two lovely ladies *waggles eyebrows*

Brax: Excuse my man whore best friend, he doesn't get out much *laughs* I'm a firm fan of Elle on top, Elle underneath, Elle in the Shower, reverse cowgirl in a photo booth...

Shay: Dude! You so need to show me those photos, I've even tried contacting the guy who rented the booth to me and he won't show me the negatives!

Brax: Never gonna happen bro, Elle would kill me!

Shay: Always knew Elle would be a firecracker in the sack.

Wendy: Brax! You're such a romantic. Shay, I'll help you out with making your own photo's in the booth *smirks*

Shay: Really Wendy? *looks around for photo booth*

Brax: Dude you're making it so obvious!

Shay: What? *holds hands up in surrender* I'm merely saying I would have photos taken in the photo booth with the lovely and overly friendly Wendy

Wendy: My husband would totally understand, no problem. *laughs*

Shay: Hmmm, married you say? How about you crush-worthy Chrissy? You single and ready to mingle?

Chrissy: Single no but I could make a night of mingling with you.

Brax: Dude, seriously, your inner man-whore is flashing. Sorry ladies, he's normally  more well-behaved, well at least for the first ten minutes

Shay: Leave pass! I like it!
Who else is on your sexual bucket list ladies? Hope i'm near the top *winks*

Chrissy: No worries Brax, it's not very often that Wendy and my flirtatiousness doesn't fluster a person.
Alright, next question. 3 words to describe each other

Brax: Loyal, honest to a fault, strong

Shay: Aww dude, I might shed a tear haha. Okay Brax is intense, hardworking, and smart

Brax: Man, I knew you loved me!

Chrissy: Awwww

Wendy: I might tear up too. You guys are getting damn mushy in here.

Shay: Brax is also a bit of a stud muffin. I've seen his butt, it could cut glass! Elle told me!

Chrissy: Can I see your ass Shay?

Shay: *stands and moves hands to belt buckle*

Brax: Dude, I think she was joking, nobody wants to see your white ass!

Wendy: Oh, I totally want to see his ass. Drop trou, please!

Chrissy: Yes, please! *licks lips* 

Shay: *cracks up laughing* I like these girls Brax, they're sassy!

Wendy: Okay, we'll move on for now. Name one thing you would absolutely NOT do for each other.

Brax: Ah shit, that would be a small list cause Shay's like a brother to me. I trust him with my life and Elle's. Okay, I'd never undress him if he was drunk. I'd just chuck him in the shower fully clothes haha

Shay: Dude really? Not even down to my skivvies?

Brax: Okay maybe down to your boxers that I hope to god you'd be wearing since half the time you don't!

Shay: Okay, glad we got THAT sorted! Jeez, okay, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for this man.

Wendy: You guys......

Chrissy: What is your biggest pet peeve with the other?

Brax: Shay is a man whore still lol Nah, he snores and drools when he sleeps.

Shay: Shit B, just lay it all out there why don't you. You're ruining my game with these two gorgeous girls.

Chrissy: Snoring and drool don't bother me Shay. I won't let you sleep anyways.

Wendy: Oh, there's my girl! * high fives Chrissy*

Shay: Good to hear it Chrissy, I like a gal with stamina

Brax: Dude, she's married, with kids, you hate kids.

Shay: I could deal with kids, the hubby can watch them *Cracks up laughing*

Chrissy and Wendy: *bust out laughing*

*everyone calms down*

Wendy: Brax, when you saw Elle's picture for the first time you knew there was something about her. What exactly was it after meeting her for the first time that hooked you?

Brax: Those eyes of hers, they spared me. And the fact she acted like I was annoying her *laughs* just made her even more attractive. A girl playing hard to get, who represents a challenge, is always more attractive to me.

Shay: Dude, you're such a sap these days.

Brax: You really wanna go there bro?

Shay: No, shut up *frowns*

Wendy: Whoa! is there something we don't know? That was an awfully quick no from you, Shay.

Chrissy: Shay?

Brax: *raises an eyebrow at Shay who shakes his head*. Well that was a downer, sorry girls. Shay fell hard for a girl a few years ago and things happened. The dragon lady (BJ) says Shay's getting his own novella about it.

Shay: She's slave driver that woman. Anyway, who's up for body shots? Ladies?

Wendy: Game *raises hand* Oh wait, I can't drink. Chrissy?

Chrissy: Me! Me!

Brax: I'm out of this game! haha

Chrissy: Wendy you can still do body shots, you'll just be the body

Shay: *wiggles his tounge at Wendy*

Wendy: Hell yea!

Chrissy: Whose got the tequila?

Shay: *gets up and checks behind the bar, comes out bearing a bottle of Petron* Right ladies, who's first?

Brax: So this interview.....

Chrissy: Oh, right.

Wendy: Next question before these two *looks at Chrissy and Shay* get wasted off my body shots. Brax, when Elle told you she loved you, what was going through your head?

Brax: God, it totally blew my mind. I never wanted to push her into anything, but seeing her let herself go and telling me before we made love for the first time just made my heart explode. It was a huge milstone, for both of us.

Shay: Get your ass back down on the table Chrissy, I need another shot *runs lemon edge along collarbone*

Chrissy: *giggles* that tickles

Brax: Okay, enough shots for you two. Shay's getting that look in his eyes that says he's up to no good. C'mon bro, we've got a job to do here.

Shay: Oooh responsible Brax is in the house *laughs*

Chrissy: *sigh* I could let you rub your tongue over me all day but the job must be done I suppose.

Wendy: Uh oh! Let's ask Shay a question.

Brax: Good idea, he always seems to go on a bender when a certian woman from his past is mentioned.

Wendy: Shay, what is it you look for in a woman?

Shay: I like the overall package. Not just looks, but there has to be some brains there, some spunk, a little bit of sass and a whole lot of sexy.

Brax: *Scoffs* sounds like Elle bro, keep your mitts off *winks*

Shay: Eww dude, she's family. That's sick. if she had some hot friends however, like wendy or Chrissy here, now that would be a different story.

Chrissy: Wendy and I both fit nicely in that package.

Wendy: It's true, we are that awesome!

Shay: *looks Chrissy and Wendy over* Nice! I see you're wearing my favorite clothes, what do you call it Brax?

Brax: Hooker Chic! *cracks up laughing* So not the way to get in their good books Shay.

Chrissy and Wendy: *look at each other* bust up laughing*

Wendy: we'll move away from that for now. Shay, when you first saw Elle were you concened for Brax and any attachment he might start to have for her?

Shay: At first no, when I saw his reaction to her and I could tell he was hooked, I did have some reservations, but in the end, seeing them together, it was always going to happen.
Hey, where's the hot brunette gone?

Wendy: *calls out for Chrissy* Shay wants, ehrr, wants to know where you are

Chrissy: Sorry, hubby was calling, had to step out. He just wanted to know when I was going to be done playing the book version of Dungeons and Dragons.

Wendy: Okay guys, what's next? Where do you see yourselves in say 5 years?

Brax: Well I'd love to be settled down, living an uncomplicated, very uncomplicated life with Elle by my side, maybe Shay can live in our guest house cause he'll still be single no doubt.

Shay: *scoffs* Thanks B, glad i'm included in your plans.
I'll still be working, maybe own our own agency by then, play by our own rules for once instead of everyone elses, aye bro?

Brax: Hell yeah *fist bumps Shay*

Wendy: Wow, you guys have your shit figured out. Now it's all about getting it done.

Chrissy: Will you guys give us an autograph before you leave us?

Shay: Sure ladies, where would you like me to sign *waggles eyebrows while looking the girls up and down*

Chrissy: Shay, can you sign my panties? I'm not wearing any.

Shay: Shit girl, you sure you're married, you're so my type.

Wendy: *reaches into her bag* I'm not wearing any either *pulls out panties* can you sign these?

Brax: Are you shitting me? Custom Lost in Distraction Thongs? *shakes head* this is insane.

Shay: Damn. You two are trouble with a capital T, and I like it *winks* Hey Wendy, I think you dropped this note with your phone number on it.

Brax: Hey Shay, just got a text from Elle, we've gotta go. Sorry ladies, but we've gotta cut this short.

Shay: Her ladyship awaits *laughs* Na, Elle only texts like that if something's up so we better get going. See you in a photo booth some time *winks and laughs as he walks away*

Wendy: *gives Shay's ass a pat as he walks past*

Chrissy: Later guys! Can't wait to make that photo booth date, Shay.

Shay: *mutters under his breath* damn shame they're married



Chrissy's Review


Not only did I love this book but it had me sitting on the edge of me seat the entire time from the Suspense. Lets start by talking a little bit about the romance side of this book. We start out with Elise AKA Elle, the tortured soul, that is just existing and Brax, the moth drawn to the flame. As soon as he sees Elle's for the first time he knows he has to get to know her. The romance around Brax and Elle was phenomenal. Not only was their relationship delivered within a reasonable time frame, no fluff fillers, but it felt real. The emotion that I felt from these characters was out of this world. Two tortured souls that gave each other a reason to keep moving on together. And HOLY FRACKIN NON-SEX SCENE, BATMAN! The non-sex scenes in this book were just as AMAZEBALLS as the sex scenes. I seriously had a lot of panty fanning going on while reading Lost in Distraction.

The suspense in this book literally had my heart racing, wondering what was going to happen next. BJ Harvey provides just enough information to keep you reading without actually giving you the information that you want. I can not wait until the next book is released. I know that it will be one of those books that I sit down and read in an entire day. Bravo, BJ Harvey, for delivering an out of this world debut novel. I look forward to reading many more of your books!


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