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Losing Me Finding You Blog Tour April 22, 2013

Losing Me, Finding You
Twenty-one year old Amy Cross's idea of a hot Saturday night is curling up with her favorite book boyfriend and secretly sneaking a bottle of her mother's wine. That is, until she meets Austin Sparks, the biker boy with a past that burns like fire and a gaze she can't look away from. Without knowing what she's doing or why she's doing it, Amy ends up on the road with Austin traveling from one city to another while learning things she's only ever read about in romance novels.

Ms. Stunich's new book grabbed me from the beginning. Amy Cross was someone I could relate to at first. She's the good girl, that every parent wants. Maybe just maybe she's too good. We all know good girls eventually break. I never expected the secrets that this small town that Amy lived in had. They surprised me and made me angry. I felt a whole slew of emotions through out this book. Amy's character grows and matures.
Austin Sparks the main male character, the bad boy, the biker and the extremely hot alpha male that made me change my stereotypical biker tendencies. Yes, I was horrible to automatically picture a long-white bearded older guy with a spare tire whenever I thought of a biker. Well Ms. Stunich fixed that for me. Now I can imagine Mr. Motorcycle and all of his hotness!  His character is well developed and I loved reading his chapters. 
Sex? Oh yes there's sex and let me just tell you be prepared for the first scene, Amy's first time. It is smoking! I would gladly recommend this book to anyone that loves a bad boy Book Boyfriend, Motorcycle clubs and sweet innocent girls that break free. 
So How Would I Rate This Book?

5 Lip Biting Sexiness!

The Author

C.M. Stunich 

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Losing Me, Finding You

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