Friday, March 8, 2013

Review~ Ravenous
by Aubrey Brown

My blog, So Many Books So Little Time, was asked to read and review this book by the author. I jumped at the chance to read something in this genre as I love historical and pnr both, so to have them together was going to be great. Or, it would have been.

I'll be honest in saying that I was first thrown off by the cover of the book. However, that quickly became something else entirely.

The story itself is set in 1820 surrounded by the ton of London, England. Emma (aka Mercy) is the only child of a Baron and is engaged to a neighboring Duke. She hears rumors about said Duke and decides that she can't risk a marriage to him so she fleas to a castle, where she is hired on to care for 2 children. Gabriel, Earl of the castle craves Mercy's blood. Needless to say, there are secrets and lies afoot and no one wants to share. Eventually there is an illness that rocks the castle, or does it?

My main problem with this story, is the unrealistic animal shifting of the vampire, Gabriel. I'm not sure if I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that he would mention it or what, but it through me off several times. I also was extremely confused on the POV's. There were times where I felt like it was third person from Emma/Mercy side and then it would immediately go third person from Gabriel's side.

There were of course several things I did like about this story, including the fact that there were some real touching emotions between Gabriel and Mercy. Plus, and I hate to boil it down to this, but the foreplay and sexual scenes were definitely HOT!

My ultimate decision to rate this book a 3.5 came down to the legnth of the story and how I think it could have developed into something more.
I will say that this book is good for any person looking for a short historical pnr.
 (Review by Wendy)

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