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Suicide Note Synopsis:

Everything happens for a reason.
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Teresa Mummert. A soldier returning for mid-tour leave decides to stay with a cousin in Maine, after his fiancé leaves him for someone else while he is away at war. His cousin is going through his own devastation and is struggling to pick up the pieces and move on with his family. As they try to help each other through the pain, Shane's path crosses Jenn's and he soon learns that everything happens for a reason.
This novel does not contain any acts of suicide and has a HEA.(less)

My Review 4 Stars 
First off I want to thank Teresa Mummert for the opportunity to read an ARC of Suicide Note.

There is Shane who is in the military and has lived a life of loss. You can only imagine the pain he is going through. I loved Shane he is everything a book boyfriend is supposed to be. Tall, dark and handsome. He cares quickly and intensely for Jenn. (I'll get to her in a second.) I could feel the protectiveness he felt for her. Jake (Shane's cousin) and Shane have a true brotherly relationship. He and Shane look out for each other. You can tell they have done this their whole lives. Shane's relationship with Jake's wife is refreshing. The love their small, close knit family has for one another and the ordeals they pull each other through is something a family hopes for and few have. A message I got from this book is that family counts and family helps; it doesn't matter who or what that family consists of. As in Shane's case it's a dog, Roxy his cousin Jake and Jake's wife May and a sweet girl that he believed he was saving. 

Feeling pressure from her parents, abandoned from her ex-fiance and thoroughly hurt by her sister; Jenn felt all alone. She wasn't where she wanted to be in her life as far as her career is concerned and she didn't see herself advancing in her career. Not with a jerk of a boss that barely talked to her. Jenn is a quiet girl, who I first saw as someone that was weak. Someone that let others including her parents walk over her. Her parents always compared her to her sister and she felt she never measured up. Jenn changed when she met Shane the handsome stranger that came in looking for her boss. Jake. Shane strengthened her. He gave her hope. 

The relationship between Shane and Jenn was a whirlwind of emotions, hurt, pain from their pasts and happiness. Happiness that they brought to each other. 

I enjoyed this book. I liked these characters. I recommend this book to anyone that loves a great contemporary book. Thank you again Teresa for the chance to read your story.

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